The Goals and Objectives

Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association, Inc., is committed to the ongoing development and implementation of mutually beneficial programs for its membership through the following objectives:

  • Quality Pavement is the pinnacle of Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Promotion of our product to the public and private sector with the full knowledge of the intrinsic advantages belonging to our product.
  • Foster educational opportunities for Mississippi resident students of our Universities and Junior Colleges to provide an employee pool of professionals for the highway construction industry.
  • Bring about cooperation and mutual confidence among members to continually elevate the status of the asphalt paving industry.
  • Establish uniform standards of operation and practices.
  • Encourage the timely construction, repair, and maintenance of Mississippi’s public, private, and commercial highways, roads and streets.
  • Educate public officials, government agencies, and the general public on the advantages of quality hot-mix asphalt pavements.
  • Provide ongoing education and training opportunities for members.
  • Provide technical resources and support to assist member companies in attaining the highest health, safety, and environmental practices.
  • Represent members’ viewpoints on environmental issues to appropriate agencies and the general public.
  • Support the commission and use of research in all phases of the asphalt process in order to improve industry products and technologies.
  • Provide informed and vigorous support of all sound legislative proposals affecting the asphalt industry.

Our Mission

The objects and purposes of this Association are to:

  • Improve communications and understanding within the entire asphalt paving industry.
  • Influence fair and equitable design, specifications and inspection.
  • Protect the doctrine of free enterprise and competition.
  • Stimulate and encourage more extensive research relative to the manufacture and use of asphalt pavements.
  • Educate within the industry for higher standards, lawful trade practices and lawful ethical conduct; to act and function as an educational Association on behalf of the asphalt paving industry.
  • Do any and all things lawful that may be of benefit to the members of the Association or other business interests and for improving the physical, mental and moral condition of mankind.


Michael Arnemann

Executive Director

Tracy Kirkpatrick

Executive Assistant

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